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Reliability and Confidence Gas Corp.(RCGC) is a tried and tested LPG solutions company trusted by industrial leaders such as LiquiGas and PRGas.

Industrial Partners LPG Solutions and Services

LPG Cylinder Refilling

Cylinder Refilling

To assure fast cylinder refilling, RCGC operates 20 refilling machines at the same time. More operational machines means less delay for our partners.

LPG Cylinder Maintenance Facilities

Cylinder Maintenance Facilities

To ensure safety and the aesthetics of your cylinders, RCGC offers cylinder maintenance services. Our service includes power spray washing to remove dirt, valve and footing replacements to make sure your cylinders always maintain a steady base. We also offer cylinder repainting for a fresh and clean looking cylinder.

Decanting facility

Decanting facility

RCGC offers decanting serves to our partners. Decanting means transferring LPG products from one cylinder to another. Decanting is highly recommended when a cylinder is unsafe to contain LPG. Our personnel are specially trained to transfer your product from cylinder to cylinder.

LPG Storage


RCGC can store up to 190 metric tons of LPG products. Our tank farm consists of three storage tanks: 1 X 80 , 1 X 60 and 1 X 50 metric ton storages.

Product Loading and Unloading

Product Loading and Unloading

RCGC uses its gantry facilities to load and unload LPG product into your lorries. The gantry includes a high power compressor to load or unload product in a timely fashion and an overhead sprinkler for safety.

LPG Hauling


RCGC has a fleet of hauling trucks to pick up your products from any LPG terminals in Luzon to your storage. Our trucks and drivers have gone through various trainings and inspections to safely transit your products from LPG terminals for storage. They are accredited by the safety departments of reputable LPG companies. RCGC guarantees your products will be hauled safely and will be delivered on time.

LPG Lorry weighing

Lorry weighing

RCGC wants its partners to have peace of mind that their products are transported from their destination are all intact. Our weighbridge bay is regularly calibrated and accredited to ensure accuracy of the scale.

Our Industrial Partners

  • South Pacific Inc.
  • Isla LPG
  • Phoenix LPG
  • HRP

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About RCGC

"Husto sa Timbang at Halaga" has guided RCGC in business for more than 30 years. It is more than just a catchphrase; it is the driving force and identity of the company. We assure that all our partners receive quality products and that every cylinder contains the right amount of LPG.

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